C Program To Convert Number to ASCII code

C program for ASCII number from ASCII code. ASCII i.e American Standard Code for Information Interchange is character encoding scheme.

This ASCII codes is used, as computer can only understand numbers. To print all ASCII codes i.e 256 you can try this code which gives you proper explanation to work with it and also C program for ASCII code of number entered by user. Here is the code:


step 1 : start
step 2 : Input Any Character
step 3 : Print The Character Using (%d)
step 4 : stop


void main() //main function with any return type
    char a;
    int i;
    printf("Enter any number b/w 0 255:n");
    printf("ASCII value %c = %d  t",a, a);


Enter Any Number Between 0 - 255

ASCII value of A = 97
C Program To Convert number into ASCII Code
how to convert number in ascii code
ASCII Code Conversion to number