Difference between Client side and Server side Scripting

 There are some basic difference between server side scripting vs client side scripting.

  1. Server side scripting is used to create dynamic pages when the users browser makes a request to the server.
    Client side scripting is used when the users browser already has all the code and the page is altered on the basis of the users input.
  2. Server side scripting executes on the web server when user send any request to the browser
    Client side scripting executes on the browser when an event occurs.
  3. Server side scripting used to connect to the database the store on the web server
    Client side scripting connect used to connection to the database.
  4. Server side scripting can access the file System which is stored on the web server.
    Client side scripting cannot be able to access the file stored on the web server.


client side and server side


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