Java program to display hello world

Write a program to display hello world using java language.
The “hello world” program in java has three major components:

1. Class Definition

2. Main methos

3. Source code comments.

CLASS DEFINITION: In java each program has at least one class which is start with and “class” keyword and the class name which is provided by programmer. the class code appears between the opening and closing curly braces.

MAIN METHOD: This is the entry point of any java application. In java programming every program must have an main method which is defined is:
public static void main(String rags).

lets have a look on main function signature:

public: We defined main method is public because anyone can access it.
static: Static means we can run the main method without creating an instance of it.
void: The main method will not return any value.
main: It is the name of the method.
String(args[]): The arguments we get inside the method are the arguments that we will get when running the program with parameters. It’s an array of strings.

COMMENTS: Comments are ignored by the compiler but it is useful to the programmer. In java there are three type of comments.



step 1 : Start
step 2 : Create A class 
step 3 : Define the main method
step 4 : Write Display Command and display Hello World
step 5 : Compile and Run the program
step 6 : terminal


class one
     public static void main(String rags[])
          System.out.println("Hello World");


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Java Program to display hello world
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