How To Submit Website On Search Enginess


If your want ot submit your website and blogspot on all search engines, then you follow my all step…

If your blog or website has not been indexed by search engine then whats the use you are blogging for? Any blogger can get huge traffic by search only. But what if your site has not indexed in search engine? So as soon as you start your blog the first think to do is submit your blog to Search engines.

However, there must be many users out there who were not very much acquaint with the procedure that, “How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo?” The Steps are quiet and simple to be applicable. So, you are requested to get towards the below steps to know more about it.

Lets do-How to Submit Website and Blog On Search Engines

So, here is the piece of article where you are going to learn that, “How to Submit Website to Google and Bing/Yahoo?” We have categorized this article into two categories, the first is about submitting blog in Google and the other is about submitting blog in Bing/Yahoo.

1 – Submit Website to Google


  • Now Enter your website or blog URL in URL box.
  • Just enter the captcha code as shown and click submit request.

2- Submit Website to Bing/Yahoo



  • Now just the URL of your home page.
  • Now in second box enter Captcha code as shown there and click on Submit.